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Gardening Resources


With triple-digit temperatures in the summer, icy winters and flash floods in the fall, gardening in the Mojave Desert can be a challenge. And while desert landscaping may be low maintenance, some upkeep is still needed to keep your yard healthy throughout the year. Use our informative gardening resources to help you find the plants you want and information on how to take care of them.

Plant Search

With the number of trees, shrubs, groundcover and more available in local nurseries and at the Springs Preserve, selecting plants for your landscape can be overwhelming. And once you've purchased and installed your new plants, how are you supposed to keep their individual care straight?

The Springs Preserve plant search tool takes the guess work out of plant selection and care for you. Simply search or browse hundreds of plants to find exactly what you're looking for.

Seasonal Tips

Not sure when to fertilize or prune? Or what about the best time for planting? Gardening in the Mojave Desert can be a challenge. Get some handy seasonal gardening tips to help you keep your desert landscape healthy year-round.

Ask the Desert Gardener

Do you have a question about gardening or landscape issues that have you stumped? If you're unable to make it down to the Springs Preserve, here's your chance to email one of our expert desert gardeners.

Video: Composting


Learn how to turn your food and garden waste into nutrient-rich mulch.

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