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Butterfly house

This is a very exciting time for the Springs Preserve, and we have plenty of interesting exhibits and attractions in the works! See what's on the horizon.

Dates and details are subject to change. Check back periodically or consult our calendar for all upcoming events and programs at the Springs Preserve.


We're constantly adding new permanent attractions to the visitor experience at the Springs Preserve.

Butterfly Habitat (Fall 2014)

Hundreds of butterflies and an array of plants will take up residence at this new, seasonal exhibit.

Wander through our unique Butterfly Habitat and witness the fascinating dance between free-flying butterflies and the plants that sustain them. You'll emerge with a better understanding of the environment needed for the survival of these spectacular animals.

Tortoise habitat

Tortoise Habitat (Late 2014)

A federally threatened species will find new refuge and enjoy greater public awareness at our 15-acre desert tortoise habitat, to be located at the property's northwest corner.

The tortoise area will be constructed according to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service specifications and will house up to six tortoises. Visitors will be able to view the tortoises, which will be protected with fencing surrounding the habitat, and radio transmitters will monitor and track the tortoises' movement within the compound.

The habitat is funded primarily through the Clark County Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan.

The Springs Preserve will not be an adoption or drop-off site for tortoises, nor does the Preserve accept wildlife donations due to permit restrictions.

Railroad cottages

Cottages and Train Depot (Late 2015)

In 2006, four historic Las Vegas railroad cottages were moved to the Springs Preserve to avoid destruction.

Constructed between 1909 and 1911 by the San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad to house mid-level workers, these cottages were located between Second Street (now Casino Center Boulevard) and Fourth Street, and Garces and Clark streets. They represent one of the first housing tract developments in the western United States, and are significant to the early incorporation and settlement of what we now know as Las Vegas.

After many months of preparation, the railroad cottages were transported by truck a half-mile within the Preserve to their final home during phase one of the restoration of the structures in late winter of 2013.

The restoration project is funded in part by the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act and sponsored by the City of Las Vegas on behalf of the Las Vegas Valley Water District.

Once the project is completed, the cottages will depict early 20th century life in Las Vegas, including turn-of-the-century interior exhibits, a period-reflective town site and store fronts, and a recreation of Las Vegas' historic train depot.

Traveling Exhibits

Traveling exhibits rotate through our Origen Museum, allowing guests to explore the worlds of nature, science and technology through these ever-changing, interactive displays.

FORE! The Planet (May through September 2014)

Serious fun for the whole family! FORE! The Planet is a playful exhibition that pairs important environmental issues with the fun of miniature golf! Explore a tropical rainforest, navigate a polluted waterway, and learn how to make a wildlife refuge in your own backyard, all while playing a game of miniature golf.

Wicked Plants (September 2014 through January 2015)

Inspired by Amy Stewart's book Wicked Plants: The Weed that Killed Lincoln's Mother and other Botanical Atrocities, this exhibit gives visitors a hands-on experience with some of the world's most diabolical botanicals—without the risk of intoxication, addiction, dismemberment or other general danger. Menacing two-and three-dimensional interactives set in an eerie environment are designed to educate and entertain with information about some of Mother Nature's most appalling creations.

Sustainable Style

Art Exhibits

Located just off the main entrance to the Origen Museum, the Big Springs Gallery's modern, curved space accommodates all kinds of visual art throughout the year, from photography and painting to sculpture and video.

Sustainable Style (May 17-July 3, 2014)

This exhibit will feature fashions utilizing sustainable or environmentally friendly materials. The exhibit also includes photos of each piece, shot with models on location at the Springs.

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