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Special event

Traveling exhibits offer guests of
all ages interactive ways to learn
more about the world around us.

The Springs Preserve hosts a variety of temporary exhibitions throughout the year, from large, interactive traveling exhibits to intimate, locally focused art shows.

Exhibit dates and details are subject to change. Check back periodically or consult our full calendar for all upcoming events and programs at the Springs Preserve.

Traveling Exhibits

Traveling exhibits rotate through our Origen Museum, allowing guests to explore the worlds of nature, science and technology through these ever-changing, interactive displays.

Leonardo da Vinci: Machines in Motion (Jan. 26 through May 4, 2014)
Mind-blowing fun! Fly, explore and set in motion 40 life-sized machines and innovations from one of the world's most brilliant minds.

Art Exhibits

Located just off the main entrance to the Origen Museum, the Big Springs Gallery's modern, curved space accommodates all kinds of visual art throughout the year, from photography and painting to sculpture and video.

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards (Feb. 2 through March 2, 2014)
Explore the best artwork from local students (grades 7 to 12) in a variety of formats, from photography to painting and sculpture to digital design.

Live Shows

Led by experts in their fields, these interactive shows are as fun as they are educational.

Mad Science MANIA (Weekends and school holidays, Sept. 7, 2013 through June 1, 2014)
Mad Scientists are roaming the Springs Preserve! This live, interactive show invites YOU into the lab for weird, wild and wonderful science fun.

Art in the Garden

On occasion, the Springs Preserve invites artists to use the natural landscape of our Gardens as both the palette and the venue for their vision.

Experience Membership

Get unlimited access to all of the Springs Preserve's special exhibits all year, as well as discounts on select special events, access to the Nevada State Museum, and so much more. Learn more about the benefits of membership.

Video: Envenomators


Traveling exhibits such as "Envenomators" encourage guests to learn through hands-on interaction.

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