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Event venues

Whether you are looking for the perfect wedding venue, conference room, or anything in between, the large variety of spaces at the Springs Preserve can easily accommodate your event needs. The unique setting, attentive staff and a variety of menu options through our caterer make the Springs Preserve the perfect venue for a successful and unforgettable event.

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Agave Room

Up to 180 people - 2,678 sq. ft.

This spacious room in the heart of the Springs Preserve boasts beamed cathedral ceilings and natural light, ideal for receptions or parties.

Big Springs Theater

Up to 156 people - 3,160 sq. ft.

This spacious theater is well-suited for live or video conference presentations or video screenings.

Boomtown 1905

Up to 600 people - 9,280 sq. ft.

This unique, historic streetscape tells the story of Las Vegas from 1905-1920. Enjoy dancing under the stars, dine among some of Las Vegas' iconic storefronts or take a peek inside an original railroad cottage. Boomtown is a fun way to host an uncommon event.

Cottonwood Room

Up to 100 people - 1,902 sq. ft.

Centrally located near the Desert Living Center and the Springs Amphitheater, this multi-purpose facility can function as a setting for receptions or breakout sessions, while its expansive patio is idea for an under-the-stars experience.

Courtyard Plaza

Up to 500 people - 7,600 sq. ft.

With stars overhead and a map of the Southwest under foot, the Courtyard Plaza is sure to make your event most memorable from start to finish. This location features stunning architecture and numerous desert-adapted plants and trees, along with an elevated landing that can be used as a stage.

Courtyard Rotunda

Up to 50 people - 2,600 sq. ft.

Adjacent to the Courtyard Plaza, the open-air base of the weathered-steel Rotunda-with its multi-level seating and grand staircases-provides an intimate, distinctive setting for weddings, small receptions and other intimate gatherings.

Desert Living Center - Lower Level

Up to 140 people - 2,620 sq. ft.

Built to achieve the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED platinum-level certification, the Desert Living Center (DLC) was designed and constructed using the most advanced sustainability principles.

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Desert Living Center - Upper Level

Up to 200 people - 3,900 sq. ft.

Built to achieve the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED platinum-level certification, the Desert Living Center (DLC) was designed and constructed using the most advanced sustainability principles. The DLC has a variety of indoor spaces can be a corporate classroom one day and transform to host a banquet or fashion show the next!

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Divine Cafe & Balcony

Up to 350 people - 6,870 sq. ft.

With breathtaking, 180-degree views of the Las Vegas Strip and surrounding valley, the Cafe and its spacious balcony tantalizes your visual senses as well as your taste buds. This combined indoor/outdoor space will allow for 350 guests and includes direct, easy access from the parking areas with elevator access.

Mesquite Room

Up to 20 people - 734 sq. ft.

Look no further for the perfect conference space! With views overlooking the Gardens, Trails and the Las Vegas Strip in the distance, this space will allow your group to get down to business. A board-room style wood table with comfortable seating is included.

Garden Terrace & Patio

Up to 100 people - 3,744 sq. ft.

This stunning indoor/outdoor space offers panoramic views of the Springs Preserve's botanical garden and the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip.

Origen Rotunda

Up to 150 people - 2,500 sq. ft.

The Origen Museum Rotunda is a tranquil space with a vaulted ceiling featuring kinetic granite sculptures floating on water and sculptured cattails, all etched with donor names. An artistic representation of a spring flows beneath perforated steel and glass flooring.

Primrose Gallery

Up to 75 people - 2,100 sq. ft.

Combining a covered outdoor patio area, accented by lush cactus and succulents, and an indoor space highlighted by seasonal art displays, the Primrose Gallery is a multi-faceted venue ideal for small- to medium-sized receptions or gatherings.

Springs Amphitheater

Up to 2,000 people - 13,000 sq. ft.

Looking to make a grand entrance? Then this location is for you! Centrally situated on the Springs Preserve campus, the Amphitheater has multiple tiers that provide great views of the stage. And specialized lighting options will cast a glow over any evening event!

Complete Botanical Garden

Up to 500 people - 304,920 sq. ft.

Southern Nevada's most extensive botanical garden features a wide variety of plants, trees, roses, grasses, cacti and succulents. Meandering, connected spaces are ideal for food and beverage stations associated with receptions, mixers and other informal events.

Desert Fountain

Up to 35 people - 81 sq. ft.

This outdoor, intimate space in the garden is ideal for small, private ceremonies.

Frame House

Up to 75 people - 1,300 sq. ft.

This fun, covered, outdoor space is perfect for cocktails or small gatherings.

Garden Amphitheater

Up to 250 people - 7,700 sq. ft.

Surrounded by the natural beauty of clusters of illuminated trees, and neighbor to DesertSol, this open-air setting will make your event memorable—whether it’s under the moon and stars or the sunny blue sky.

Garden Arbor

Up to 100 people - 600 sq. ft.

Say "I do" in this ideal outdoor, gardens ceremony location. The Garden Arbor is also a lovely space for cocktails, mixers or other casual events.


Up to 100 people - 280 sq. ft.

Located in the heart of the Botanical Garden, this red-roofed slice of yesteryear is an ideal setting for intimate gatherings and ceremonies.