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Exhibit artwork for National Geographic presents Earth Explorers

National Geographic's Earth Explorers

Mother and daughter exploring the Las Vegas Springs Preserve

Adventure all year long!

Día del Niño, April 27

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Honor children and celebrate childhood at our annual festival featuring hours of fun for kids of all ages.

Butterflies inside the Butterfly Habitat at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve

Step into our immersive Butterfly Habitat and soar

Open daily through May 27

Mojave Max the desert tortoise

Celebrate the arrival of spring with Mojave Max

Visit the Desert Tortoise Habitat

Find your next adventure

In the middle of Las Vegas, there’s a place with 180 acres of adventure. A place to release your inner child and let your imagination go wild—and it’s yours to explore! Your next adventure is waiting at the Springs Preserve.

Explore. Conserve. Educate.

Sustainability is at the core of the Springs Preserve's mission. Our entire campus is a living example of sustainable living, design and architecture. We hope your visit will inspire a journey toward environmental stewardship.

  • Are you a Las Vegas local? Seasonal watering restrictions are in effect! Find your watering day and provider and learn to conserve water resources in our desert community.
  • Learn about "green living" and eco-friendly lifestyles at the NV Energy Foundation Sustainability Gallery.
  • Tour the DesertSol solar-powered home, described as one of the finest examples of sustainable living on the planet.
Close up of a hand adjusting a drip emitter

Get the help you need to make your landscape desert-friendly

at our free Water Smart classes

WaterWorks is located in an operational water pumping facility

See how local agencies keep water flowing in Las Vegas

Treat it. Test it. Pump it. Protect it.

Guests with a zoology staff member

Support the Preserve

Love the Springs Preserve? Purchase an annual membership, donate to help support our mission and programming, or enrich guests' experience by volunteering! 

Merchandise from Springs Preserve online gift shop

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Our award-winning Gift Shop features one-of-a kind products, hand-crafted jewelry, branded merchandise, and much more.

SPECIAL OFFER! Use promo code NINOS for 20% off children's clothing, books, plushes and toys in our online store. Valid through April 30, 2019.

Indoor and outdoor venues at the Springs Preserve

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Add a little life to your next event! With both indoor and outdoor venue options available at the Preserve, say goodbye to stuffy meetings and boring parties forever.

Adventure is right around the corner. Show us how you explore with #SpringsPreserve.