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This event has passed. Please see our full Events & Activities calendar for a listing of all upcoming activities.

Event Information

  • Date & Time: Feb. 11-May 6, 2018, 9am-5pm
  • Location: Origen Museum
  • Admission: Free for Springs Preserve members or with paid general admission.
  • RSVP: No reservations required.

Experience real math at work in sports, nature, robotics, music, dancing, movie-making and more and answer the age-old question: “Will I ever use all this math they’re teaching us?” at MathAlive!—the Springs Preserve’s new traveling exhibit.

Explore hands-on displays and interactive experiences including:

  • Riding in a live-action snowboard race
  • Exploring and operating simulations of NASA’s latest robotics, including the Robonaut 2 and the Curiosity Rover
  • Designing and playing your own video game
  • Capturing your image in a 360 degree freeze-motion video

MathAlive! is made possible by Raytheon.

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