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History of the Springs Preserve

Springs Preserve Trails in Autumn

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1978, the Springs Preserve is a 180-acre cultural institution designed to commemorate Las Vegas' dynamic history and to provide a vision for a sustainable future.

The Preserve features museums, galleries, outdoor events, colorful botanical gardens and an interpretive trail system through a scenic wetland habitat.

Before it opened to the public in June 2007, the Preserve was home to many other Southern Nevadans over the past centuries. Learn more about the area's rich past:

Early History – 9000 BC to 1776 AD
Exploration – 1776 – 1847
Anglo Settlement – 1847-1858
Early Ranching – 1867 – 1905
Las Vegas Townsite – 1905 – 1928
Midcentury Boom – 1929 – 1952
Urban Pressure – 1952 to Present

Video: Water Course


Learn how water formed the Springs and shapes its future.


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