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Man mulching a Christmas tree

Christmas tree recycling

Join the Springs Preserve and the Christmas Tree Recycling Committee in giving our community a gift: Recycle your tree. Each year from Dec. 26 to Jan. 15, you can take your cut Christmas trees to one of more than 30 convenient drop sites throughout the valley, to be recycled free of charge.

If you are unable to deliver your tree to a drop site, a local company called Move It will do it for you for a $25 fee. Use the discount code TREE25 when reserving your pick-up and drop-off at

For more information about the Christmas Tree Recycling Committee, please call Tara Pike-Nordstom at UNLV Rebel Recycling at 702-895-3760.

Find the drop-off location nearest you

Drop off your Christmas tree at one of more than 30 drop sites to be recycled and re-used at no charge. Recycling your tree helps ensure the sustainability of our community by saving valuable landfill space. When chipped into mulch, cut trees become valuable organic material used in landscaping projects that help conserve soil moisture and keep plants healthy.

Woman unloading trees at a Las Vegas Christmas Tree Recycling drop-off site

How to prepare your tree

Before dropping off your tree, remove all non-organic objects such as lights, wire, tinsel, ornaments and nails. Foreign objects can contaminate the mulch and ruin the chipper. Flocked trees cannot be recycled.

Video: Tree recycling

Even after all the holiday packages have been unwrapped there's still a chance to give one last present to the earth by donating your live Christmas tree.

Community partners

The Christmas Tree Recycling Committee invites you to get involved and make this year an even bigger success. Your contribution is tax-deductible through the Conservation District of Southern Nevada, and if your pledge is received by the annual deadline, your name will be printed on a poster to be displayed throughout the Las Vegas Valley. Your organization name also will be displayed on this page. Make a commitment today and witness the benefits of your generosity for years to come by contacting Tara Pike-Nordstom at UNLV Rebel Recycling at 702-895-3760.

These community partners work to help keep Christmas trees out of Southern Nevada's local landfills by supporting the Christmas Tree Recycling program.

This infographic, titled Christmas Tree Recycling statistics, is described below.

The infographic above reflects the following tree recycling numbers over the years: 2016 - 15,687 trees recycled, 2015 - 20,206 trees recycled, 2014 - 15,812 trees recycled, 2013 - 15,328 trees recycled, 2012 - 15,534 trees recycled, 2011 - 17,320 trees recycled, 2010 - 15,649 trees recycled, 2009 - 13,450 trees recycled, 2008 - 11,705 trees recycled, 2007 - 18,951 trees recycled, 2006 - 10,187 trees recycled, 2005 - 6,669 trees recycled, 2004 - 8,791 trees recycled, 2003 - 2,800 trees recycled, 2002 - 3,000 trees recycled, 2001 - 3,363 trees recycled