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Event guests at the Dia de Muertos Amica Family Room

Sponsorship Opportunities

Help enhance the cultural fabric of our community by sponsoring our annual signature events or educational programming and exhibits.

Event Sponsorship Opportunities

Each year, the Springs Preserve's special events provide family-friendly experiences, create a sense of community and generate opportunities for sponsoring partner organizations. Benefits for sponsors include various levels of recognition, cross-promotional opportunities, booth space and much more.

Our special events line-up includes:

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Call our Fund Development Team at 702-822-8468 or send us an email for more information.

The Springs Preserve Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to supporting programs, projects and events at the Springs Preserve.

Earth Day

Saturday, April 20, 2024

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Haunted Harvest

Oct. 17-20, 2024

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Nevada Day Celebration

Oct. 25, 2024

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Día de Muertos

Nov. 1-3, 2024

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Black History Month Festival

Saturday, Feb. 17, 2024

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Additional Options

Educational activities and exhibits at the Springs Preserve are designed to inspire visitors of all ages. Our programs are diverse, enabling sponsoring partner organizations to direct a gift to the specific program that addresses their area of interest. Our Fund Development team will work with you or your organization to find the program or event that best aligns with your philanthropic goals.

For information on exhibit and facility sponsorships, program endowments, scholarship underwriting, or other customized sponsorship opportunities, please call our Fund Development Team at 702-822-8468 or send us an email.

What does your support mean to the Springs Preserve?

  • Education: The Springs Preserve is a living classroom like no other. Our field trip program is free, interactive and ignites imagination through hands-on learning. The Nature Exchange helps youth appreciate and interact with the natural environment and our “Teach the Teacher” workshops assist in the development of curriculum in areas such as archeology, biology, geology and hydrology.
  • Sustainability: The Springs Preserve offers a unique forum where visitors can learn how to protect valuable environmental resources without compromising their quality of life. Through our sustainable classes and tours, we educate our community about water and power conservation, reusing, recycling and water smart landscaping. We hope to empower individual change to benefit nature, both locally and globally.
  • Gardens & Trails: Our Gardens curriculum includes year-round educational tours and classes that cover topics such as indoor and outdoor gardening, landscapes and hardscapes, pest control, pruning, plant selections, perennials and more.
  • Historic Preservation: The Springs Preserve exists today largely because of the rare cultural and biological resources found onsite and our community’s interest in protecting those resources for the enjoyment of all. Tours and programs focus on archaeology/history, natural history, living collections and Preserve natural areas.
  • Arts & Culture: Since 2007 Springs Preserve has hosted extraordinary art and artists that showcase our region’s rich history and helps bring our vision of environmental stewardship to life. Our gallery exhibits focus on sustainability and the world of nature to highlight insightful, creative and bold works of art in a serene setting. We host a variety of community events that help enhance and celebrate the diversity of Las Vegas.
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