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Kids getting off bus in front of the Springs Preserve

School tours

The Springs Preserve offers ever-changing educational opportunities for teachers and students alike. With themes exploring all aspects of nature and science (and aligned with Nevada State Standards), our exhibits are interactive, engaging and fun!

Self-guided tours

Want to explore the Springs Preserve with your students? After completing the online "Teach the Teacher" training, you can take them on a free self-guided tour! Self-guided tours are offered Monday-Friday, from 10 a.m. to noon. (Non-CCSD schools may take the self-guided tour Monday-Friday, from noon to 2 p.m.)

Bonus experiences

If you're not looking for the in-depth lessons that go with our Guided tours, but would still like your students to explore more of what the Springs Preserve has to offer, you can sign up for Bonus experiences!

Bonus experiences must be booked online in advance along with your school tour reservation, and may be subject to limitations. One single payment for all students will be due one week in advance of your tour date.

Teacher with students

Guided tours

Looking for something a little more in-depth? Guided tours offer a premium experience for your students. These tours are led by staff and provide a behind-the-scenes look at the operations of the Springs Preserve.

Guided tours are available Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. to noon, with one hour for the Premium experience, and one additional hour to explore the Springs Preserve.

All teachers bringing students to tours at the Springs Preserve (whether guided or self-guided), must complete online "Teach the Teacher" training.

Premium experience themes

Each theme is aligned to the learning standards of a particular grade, but teachers are not required to sign their students up for their grade's corresponding topic.

  • Meet the Mojave (Preschool) $50 Half-hour tour
  • Mini Zoology (Kindergarten) $50 - Includes a behind-the-scenes tour of our animal care area. Half-hour tour
  • Zoology (1st Grade) $75 - Includes a behind-the-scenes tour of our animal care area
  • Butterflies (2nd Grade) $75 - Includes tour of the Butterfly Habitat Available seasonally
  • Insect World (3rd Grade) $75
  • Boomtown Archaeology (4th Grade) $75
  • WaterWorks (5th Grade) $75 
  • Environmental Science (Middle/High School) $75

Premium experience pricing

Guided tours cost $50-$75 per class. Payment is due one week in advance of the guided tour date.

Required "Teach the Teacher" training

All teachers bringing students on tours of the Springs Preserve (whether guided or self-guided), must complete “Teach the Teacher” training before arrival. This training includes watching a 20-minute video and completing all necessary forms, listed below.

Teacher field trip checklist

Please use this checklist as a helpful tool to ensure that you've completed all of the necessary training, and that your field trip runs as smoothly as possible. It covers registration, preparation, arrival and procedures for the field trip itself.

Video tour of the Springs Preserve

All teachers must watch this video tour of the Springs Preserve before bringing their students on a field trip. The video tour is split into 10 sections, and should take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Required forms

Teachers must bring these signed documents with them to their school tour.

Ready to book?

Once you've read all of the information on this page and have decided what type of tour you'd like to take your students on, please click the button below to complete a school tour request form.

If you have any questions about school tours, please call Springs Preserve Education at 702-822-7729.

Video: After-School All-Stars

The Springs Preserve has developed a special relationship with the students and teachers of the After-School All-Stars program.

School tours at the Springs Preserve are made possible in part by the generous support of Cox Communications.

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